San Francisco

Top Reasons for Moving To San Francisco

San Francisco, also known as Fog City, is the second most densely populated cities in the USA, after New York City. This city is a financial hub on the western coast, and boasts of a rich heritage, fabulous weather throughout the year, and an extremely diverse culture. It is certainly one of the best cities where people can hope to settle in for the rest of their lives. While there are several reasons why you should consider this city as a top choice for the place where you put your wings to rest, here are some of the most important ones.

Fabulous Weather

San Francisco is along the coast of the mild Pacific Ocean. The low pressure over the Pacific creates a constant source of fog and cool breezes which envelop this beautiful city. There is hardly much variation between temperatures across seasons due to this very reason – thus giving you a lovely environment throughout the year. The mercury soars a bit during the summer – but the cool breeze from the Pacific mellows down the effect of the sun. You will find yourself immediately at ease with your own self the minute you feel the gentle sunshine and the lovely breeze through your hair.

Commercial Hub

San Francisco is also one of the most important business and financial hubs of the country. There are plenty of companies which have set up offices here – ranging from construction to IT and banking. Thus, it is an ideal place for people working in corporate jobs, as you will always find a suitable position in this city which gives you plenty of opportunities to grow and prosper along the corporate ladder. People owning businesses also find San Francisco a wonderful place filled with a lot of potential clients, customers and investors – with infrastructure to help boost the business.

Culture & Lifestyle

San Francisco is home to some of the best night clubs, restaurants and cafes in the world where you will find yourself rubbing shoulders with all kinds of people. The city’s population is mostly upper middle class, due to the residents of the Silicon Valley who made their fortunes during the IT revolution. The city is also home to several independent businessmen who have grown and flourished here since the past 3 decades. There are a lot of important museums containing important relics of ancient history and art.

The city has a large number of artists who have moved in here from various parts of the world to develop their skills and get discovered. Thus, the city is a wonderful place for people with diversified interests and you will find that you can never get bored here. It is also known as the centre for liberal activism. This is because across generations, people with alternate views have been given a listening and a non-judgmental ear, in contrast to other conservative states. The fabric of this development is the very nature of the city, and one of the top reasons for most people to move into San Francisco.